About #3CCs

The 3 Caffeinated Coaches ☕️  was conceived out of a collaborative love of caffeine and a deep-seeded desire to:

🧠  learn more about the experiences of others

🗣 share knowledge gained through our own educational adventures, and

🤝 grow with other educational leaders to enhance best practices in the classroom



Our desire it that our listeners will gain new insight about themselves in addition to best practices that they can immediately implement in whatever area of education of which they are a part. 

Our podcast will air twice a month and include two different approaches; one of which is unique to the podcast industry.

🎙 Shannon and Becky will discuss topics related to leadership, coaching, and mentoring across education.

📚 Georgina will conduct a unique podcast Book Study that gives our listeners a chance to contribute their reflections which will then be read on air; this book study will encourage a unique approach to collaboration that melds both the host and listener perspective.

Our approach is grounded in three main pillars: 

  1. 🔗 Connect: We are committed to connecting with our listeners on a personal level and encouraging networking and connections across education #BetterTogether.

  2. 💡 Inspire: We aim to inspire innovative and creative thinking across education.

  3. 🎉 Celebrate: We are committed to celebrating our listeners any chance we get.

This podcast was brewed out of love and fueled by many very STRONG cups of coffee. From The 3 Caffeinated Coaches to you:

☕️ "We hope your caffeine is strong and your inspiration is high!" ☕️

About the Hosts

Becky Lim


As a mentor and leader, Becky's purpose is to create a positive and sustainable impact across education! She is an innovative and passionate coach that serves to support teacher and student growth. As a problem-solver with an outcome-oriented mindset and an optimistic attitude, she is ready to take on the many challenges in the ever-changing world of education. Becky transitioned from being an elementary school teacher to an instructional coach, where she currently supports teachers district-wide. At any given moment, you can catch Becky with a to-do list in hand and a cup of coffee nearby!

Georgina Dean


As a visionary leader, Georgina’s goal is to offer creative digital integration leadership to education communities around the world. She is a creative and inspiring education leader, mentor, coach, and keynote speaker, and is keen to impact creative innovation across Europe, Middle East & Africa, where she has been fostering innovative change in education for over a decade. She empowers learners, educators, and leaders, with the 21st century skills, tools, and confidence they need to be successful members of a global community, to thrive in tomorrow's competitive job market.

Shannon Moore


As a teacher leader and coach, Shannon strives to build connections that are long-lasting and powerful. Whether she is in or outside of the classroom, her goal is to continually empower others to reach their fullest potential by living authentically, serving others, and taking small risks in an effort to build big confidence. She is a collaborative processor who strives to connect with others in an effort to learn and grow together because she truly believes we are all #BetterTogether. For the last decade, Shannon has passionately chased after knowledge in an effort to be the best teacher, mentor, and human she can be; she believes that knowledge does, in fact, equal power and she is doing all she can to tenaciously pursue the path of a lifelong learner. She is a proud wife, educator, leader, and cat mom who strives to be just a little bit better... than yesterday.

Roxi Thompson