May 26, 2021

Episode #11: How to Lead - Part 5

Episode #11: How to Lead - Part 5

History has shown that as time progresses, individuals must embrace the shifts that come with new experiences in order to remain relevant and effective in their spaces; the same rings even truer for leaders. It doesn’t matter which industry an individual is impacting, they must embrace the reality that stagnancy is a recipe for disaster and flexibility is essential to success. Impact is the goal of every quality leader and in Part 5 of How to Lead, Jo Owen outlines pragmatic shifts that must occur in order for individuals to become authentic and impactful 21st century leaders.

As this round of book study comes to a close, join Georgina as she shares her own insights and the insights of our 3CCs community that reflect on the necessary steps individuals must take in their approach to people, professionalism, and decision-making in order to remain effective leaders in their spaces.

The Part 5 Slow Chat Slide Deck will be available to view on our website. Take a look and connect via Twitter with all the inspiring voices you heard on this episode!

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